Get The Payday Loan You Need. Fast.

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      Get The Payday Loan You Need. Fast.

      About Us offers a payday loan matching service helping people who face emergencies find short-term cash relief. We matched our first customer with a payday loan lender back in 2011 and have helped more than 12,000 people since then.

      What is a Payday Loan Matching Service and How Does It Work?

      Because we’re a matching service, we don’t make credit decisions or loan money to borrowers directly. Instead, when you fill in the short application form on our website, we take your application information and send it over to the lenders we work with. Once we’ve found a lender for you, we redirect you to the lender’s website where you can review and finalize your loan agreement.

      From this moment on, everything pertinent to your loan, including the loan terms, repayment dates, ACH authorization details, etc., is between you and your lender.

      How We Work

      Here’s what the loan process looks like from the moment you land on our website till the day your loan is deemed repaid:

      1. You fill in the short form on our website.
      2. We send your loan information to one of the lenders we work with. If your loan application is rejected for any reason by the lender, we send your info to another lender, then another, and another one, until we find one ready to grant your loan request.
      3. Once we’ve matched you with a lender, we will send you to the lender’s website, where you will find your loan terms. You will also be required to e-sign an ACH authorization form, which will allow your lender to access your checking account once the repayment date comes.
      4. If you agree to your loan terms, just e-sign the agreement. In some cases, before the agreement becomes available for signature, the lender might contact you by phone to verify the information provided with your loan application. In some cases, you may be required to email the lender a recent paycheck stub or bank statement.
      5. Once you’ve signed the loan agreement, expect to see the cash in your bank account the next business day. In some cases, if the lender we’ve matched you with provides same-day funding and your application has been approved before the cut-off time, you may expect to get your money by the end of the day.
      6. On the repayment day, the lender will try to deduct the loan principal and all applicable fees from your bank account. If they succeed, the loan will be considered repaid.

      Our Advantages Over Applying With Lenders Directly

      There are some major advantages of requesting a loan from GreenStarCash over applying with lenders directly:

      1. Higher chances of getting a loan and quicker turnaround time. When you request a loan through us, we take your information and send it to the more than 100+ direct lenders we work with one by one, until we find one ready to approve your loan request. This way, if you have bad credit, no credit history at all, or you’re unemployed, we still have a high chance of finding a lender for you. When you apply with lenders directly, depending on the lender’s eligibility criteria, you might get rejected. You would then have to fill in the very same form with another lender in an attempt to get cash. Sometimes it may take you 7-12 attempts and a few hours of just filling in application forms before your loan request is approved. In some cases, you may not be able to find a lender for you at all.
      2. All lenders we work with are legitimate direct lenders. We carefully vet the lenders we work with to make sure they all work within the full extent of the law, practice fair lending, follow our strict marketing practices, and provide legitimate loan offers only. When you request a loan through GreenStarCash, rest assured the lender we’ve matched you with is a legitimate payday loan lender.
      3. The lender we match you with is a direct lender. Even though we’re not a direct lender ourselves, the lenders we work with are direct lenders only. This means, once we match you with a lender, you will work with them directly without having to deal with any intermediaries.
      4. We charge you no additional fee compared to applying to lenders directly. When we match you with a lender, we charge the lender a fee for bringing them a customer instead of charging you. Therefore, there’s no difference in loan cost to you.

      Moving Forward Beyond Online Loan Applications

      Until late 2020, we provided our matching services online only. Even though we’re not going offline just yet, we do understand that there are a lot of people who prefer to apply in person at the nearest payday loan storefront over applying online.

      Taking that into account, we decided to go beyond just offering access to loans online and started publishing lists of local lenders in major US cities.

      The lists of local lenders you can find on our website are the most full and up-to-date. When you find a lender’s contact details on our website, rest assured the lender is operational and all the contact details are current.