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      It’s essential that you read, understand, and reference the following information before submitting information to or conducting any business electronically or otherwise. 

      By providing your consent to the terms as stated on this website and electronically submitting your information through the form on our website, you are formally agreeing that you have not only read this entire notice, but that you also fully understand your ability to take part in transactions, communicate through electronic means, use the web service, request to be matched to a third-party lender, and communicate with online lenders. 

      After you have been matched with a lender, you’ll be asked to provide electronic consent so you can use e-signatures (electronic signatures), accept electronic recordings, view disclosures, and receive other forms of e-communication as a means to have the services and/or products in which you have shown interest provided to you.

      Hard Copies

      You have the right to request your disclosures and any other legal documents or notices be printed as a hard copy at no additional charge. GreenStarCash has no access to these documents, so requests need to be sent to the lender directly. These entities may be allowed to maintain a hard copy of legal documents as allowed by the terms and/or provisions regarding applicable laws. 

      The Scope of Consent

      All communication methods, including mobile data interactions, smartphones and tablets, and email communications are regarded as electronic interaction. When communicating with third-party lenders through these and other electronic communication methods, e-consent is applied. 

      By providing e-consent, you are agreeing that your data can be collected for electronic processing, financial and legal transactions can be electronically performed, and documents can be signed, stored, and referenced electronically. In addition, this consent allows your lender to send you electronic notices regarding reports, disclosures, and third-party links to other lender services and websites. 

      By giving e-consent, you agree that e-communication, as it is so described, is equal in legal precedence as hard copy versions of documentation and face-to-face communication. 

      Take Notice: The practice of conducting electronic business implies that all involved parties are able and willing to use sufficient software and hardware. Prior to giving e-consent, it is recommended to ensure that your electronic facilities are fit for processing these transactions and operations. The following are the basic requirements regarding software and hardware:

      Consider that some transactions might require separate or additional hardware and software needs. Contact your lender to learn the specifications necessary for conducting electronic business. 

      Withdrawing Consent

      Your submission of information is the action that confirms e-consent. This and the subsequent matching with a lender is a one-off transaction, therefore your consent cannot be withdrawn once issued. However, once you are matched to a third-party lender, you may withdraw your consent directly from the lender. This can be done at any time with no accompanying charges by submitting a request to the lender. 

      The withdrawal of your electronic consent may result in the lender refusing to provide you with a loan offer or other credit product. The legal efficacy, soundness, and overall enforceability of electronic disclosures created prior to your consent withdrawal will not be retroactively affected by your withdrawal. Contact the third-party lender to learn more about these procedures. 

      If your contact or personal information changes, it is recommended that you promptly inform your lender.