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      Get The Payday Loan You Need. Fast.

      Online Payday Loans in California

      We can't always be prepared for all the financial strain life throws our way. If you are in California, you likely know very well how expensive last-minute emergencies can be. Many residents turn to payday loans, also known as deferred deposit transactions, to help get them through times of financial hardship.

      If you are interested in a $255 online payday loan with same day approval in California, GreenStarCash can help you find a payday lender that is ready to approve your loan application.

      If you want to learn more about payday loans in California, just keep reading.

      How Can I Use a Payday Loan in California?

      Payday loans should be used to cover financial hardships that arise in between paydays. Depending on the frequency of your pay schedule, any number of things could cause you to need extra money.

      Payday lenders do not require you to declare the purpose of your loan, which can help put you at ease when your financial crisis is caused by a personal or embarrassing turn of events.

      Most payday loan recipients use their loan to cover medical bills, car repairs, or other unforeseen costs. However, covering utility bills or catching up on groceries or other basic necessities are other ways you may want to spend your loan.

      Am I Eligible for a Payday Loan?

      Payday loan eligibility is straightforward. Here are the basic requirements you will need to meet:

      • You must legally be an adult (18+)
      • You need to be a Legal US citizen
      • You need a bank account that is more than one month old
      • Current, stable employment
      • A working phone number
      • A current email address.

      If you live in California and meet these eligibility standards, you can apply for a payday loan through GreenStarCash and be instantly matched with a lender.

      How Does California Regulate Payday Lending?

      The state of California takes payday lending regulation very seriously. Lenders operating in California must adhere to the following guidelines when creating contracts for payday loans.

      1. Lenders may not issue loans for more than $300.
      2. Lenders may not set APRs higher than 460%.
      3. Lenders must cap finance charges at 15% of the total loan amount.
      4. Lenders may not create contract terms that exceed 31 days.
      5. Lenders may not roll loan terms over to new or extended contracts.

      California Payday Regulation FAQs

      Am I guaranteed to receive $300?

      No. You may receive less than the max loan amount of $300 or not be approved for any loan amount.

      How much will I take home after fees?

      Fees are capped at 15% of the total loan amount. For example, if you are approved for $300 the maximum fee of 15% = $45. If the lender chooses to withhold this amount upfront, you will be left with $255 cash.

      Can I renew my Loan?

      No. California state law states that loans may not be renewed or rolled over.

      What if I miss a payment?

      Payday lenders may charge you a penalty for missed payments.

      Can I Get a Payday Loan Without a Credit Check?

      Credit checks are required during the processing of loan applications. These looks into your credit and payment history are necessary to help lenders guarantee they are only lending to trustworthy clients. However, you can feel at ease knowing that payday lenders only run soft credit checks.

      Soft credit checks are different than those run by most lenders because they are invisible to others who look at your credit report. Your score isn't affected by the credit check and no negative marks in any form remain after the check.

      Non-payday lenders run hard credit checks that lower your overall score and leave behind negative marks for other potential lenders to see.

      Can California Residents with Bad Credit Get Payday Loans?

      Yes! All eligible California residents are welcome to apply for a payday loan — bad credit or otherwise. Payday lenders have extremely short-term loan periods. This gives them the leeway to look less harshly at your credit score during the approval process.

      Instead, these lenders want to make sure your employment is real and secure. As long as you can prove the loan will be repaid at the end of the term period, your credit is not very important. If you have current outstanding loans or multiple items in collections, a lender may still choose to pass on your application.

      California residents looking for bad credit loans can easily find a lender ready to approve their funds by applying through GreenStarCash, today!

      How Quickly Will I Receive My Loan Funds?

      The day and time you fill out your application are big factors for how quickly you can receive your funds.

      Most lenders try to get your money into your account on the same business day. However, if you apply for your loan later in the day, you may be forced to wait until the following business day to see the funds in your account.

      If you apply for your loan late on a Friday, or over the weekend, you will likely need to wait until the following Monday to receive your money. This is similar to applying during or right before bank holidays. No matter when you apply, one thing is certain: if the lender we match you with can't get you your money the same day, you will definitely receive it the following business day.

      To have the best shot at getting your money today, fill out an application with GreenStarCash and be matched with a lender ready to approve your loan.

      Is the Application Process Simple?

      Applying for a payday loan with GreenStarCash is quick, simple, and effective.

      Simply fill out the short application on our website and click "submit." Almost instantly, we will match you with a lender who is ready to approve your loan and get you the money you need.

      After we match you with a lender, we will redirect you to your lender's website. There, you will need to review your loan terms and contract information to decide if you are ready to accept your loan. You will sign your loan contract, and ACH transfer release form, and wait for your money to show up in your bank account.

      When your repayment day rolls around, make sure you have the funds in your bank account because the lender will automatically withdraw your payment. Once your payment has been made, your loan term will be complete.

      Ready to Find a Payday Loan in California? Try Out GreenStarCash!

      GreenStarCash offers fast and reliable service to those seeking a payday loan in California. We work with over 100 direct lenders and can almost instantly find a lender that is ready to approve your loan application. The process is fast, easy, and safe. Once we match you with a lender, you can finalize your loan contract and receive your money as quickly as the same day.

      If you are a California resident and could use a financial boost, fill out a payday loan application with GreenStarCash, today.

      California Payday Loan Regulations
      Legal Status
      Interest Rate (APR)
      Maximum Loan Amount
      Maximum Loan Term
      31 days
      Number of Rollovers Allowed
      Not Allowed
      Finance Charges
      15% of the amount advanced