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      Privacy Policy

      Effective date: 11/6/2020

      This Privacy Policy for (hereafter referred to as us, our, we, ours, webpage, website, and site) is a binding document which functions to explain how the user’s (hereafter referred to as user, users, you, yours, and you) personal information is gather, stored, distributed, and utilized on this website. This policy is explained in detail to bolster a valid guarantee of both security and protection regarding information security for data provided on this site.

      This Policy and its provisions discusses the intentions and purpose of the information, personal or otherwise, that is utilized on this website. If you provided your information before reading this agreement and would like to have your data removed from our website and records, you may reach out to us directly using the contact information provided on this website. 

      Our services may be used by legal US residents who are of adult age (18 years of age or older). This website operates within the laws of federal, local, and state governing bodies. By using this website, registering your information, and submitting any online form on this website, you are agreeing to the terms laid out within this Privacy Policy and other Terms and Conditions of Use. You are confirming that you fully understand how this information is used on our site and how that use is governed. We recommend you read through this entire section carefully before submitting information. 

      If you find any of these terms and conditions unsatisfactory and choose to reject any of these provisions, you must cease the use of our site and services, and you should not provide us with any of your personal information via our online form or through any other method. If you have any questions about this policy or the details we’ve provided, you can contact us directly using the information provided on our website. If you do not agree to our terms, please exit this website and discontinue use.

      I. Personally and Non-Personally Identifiable Information

      Those who want to register on this site and make use of the offered services need to submit personally identifiable information (PII) through the digital form on this website. The method used for this data collection, storage, distribution, and usage is regulated by the information outlined in this Privacy Policy. The use of this PII is necessary for the functionality of this website and its services. If you choose to discontinue use of these services, or do not need these services in the first place, do not submit any PII on this website. This information includes but is not limited to:

      Take Notice: Your SSN and banking information is only used to offer you the services (lender searching and matching) provided by this website. Your information is never shared with third parties, including marketers, unless required by the law as in situations regarding national security. 

      In addition to PII, we may also collect information that does not personally identify you (NPII). This can be done without the submission of PII on this website. This includes information on geographical position, browser information, operating system details, date and time information, internet service provider, and more. This NPII may be transmitted to third parties unless you personally request us to cease using and sharing this NPII.

      i. Use of Your PII does gather, distribute, and utilize your PII within the guidelines and rules of this privacy policy. Any data you provide is secured through our encryption standards and advanced security features. This information is issued when you register for our services and is needed to properly perform a search and match for lenders that are ready to provide you with the service you requested. When you submit information through the form on our website, you are formally requesting our services of matching you with a loan provider. In addition, the collected information can be used for contact purposes so you can be given access to the marketing information you requested. We may also use this data to offer protection against fraudulent internet activity. Our company will gather, maintain, and distribute your data only upon receiving your consent when you click on the submit button or check the consent box on our website. 

      A portion of your PII (this does not include your SSN or bank account info) may be shared with other third parties with whom we contract in order to provide you with technical support services. Those we issue this information to are responsible for maintaining and protecting this information and are not permitted to use the information for any reasons outside what is permitted in this agreement and may not share it with additional third parties with whom they contract. Any activity involving your PII will be utilized within the bounds of the clauses and provisions laid out in this Privacy Policy and other documents on this site, in conjunction with applicable laws, both international and national. This information can be provided for consumer reports created by credit bureaus with your authorization. This is an action taken by your lender as it is their right, but this action is regulated by the agreements and legal documentation regarding communication between you and your lender/ financial provider. It is in no way related to the provisions or documents on this site. 

      Your PII may be distributed to government agencies or disclosed in part or whole if requested by an organization that holds such authority if permitted by the law and deemed necessary. Potential necessary situations:

      If this company experiences consolidation, a merger, acquisition, or the selling of this company or its assets, your PII may be transferred and disclosed to the purchasing party. Based on the court’s decision during any insolvency proceedings, PII will either be disposed of or licensed. It may be possible that users whose PII is to be shared will be notified of any procedures or modifications taking place. This may be done directly or posted on the website. It is a possibility that the acquiring company could exist outside the United States. 

      ii. Third-Party Marketing

      Your PII could possibly be partially shared to third-party marketers, lenders, and ad agencies for advertising and marketing purposes. These third-party service providers are permitted to use this data and share it with their contracted third-party marketers so that they may initiate contact with the user so that they can present products in which the user has shown some previous interest. It is simple to opt out of these contacts by clicking unsubscribe or contacting the third-party service directly. Some ways this marketing may be dispersed is through online ads, phone calls, direct mail, emails, text messages, and more. Your data may also be utilized to monitor your online activity and gather your digital behavior and search history. This is done to help increase the quality of services provided and enhance marketing attempts. 

      It is important to note that these marketers will use your data in ways that align with the guidelines and terms of service on their own website. We have no control or responsibility regarding the care of your information when being used by third-party marketers. We advise you to read those documents thoroughly and make educated decisions on allowing these companies to use your data. To have your data erased from third-party websites, you must contact those companies directly. 

      By using this website or utilizing the online form, you are agreeing that you understand these terms and the provisions of all binding agreements on this website, which govern the utilization of your data on this site as well as any means for sharing, collecting, storing, and using said PII. 

      If you wish to discontinue contact with this company and want to stop receiving any messages from us, you must simply close this website and all open web pages from this site. Any previously shared data to this website will not be deleted when closing this website. Instead, you must reach out directly with a request to have your info deleted. This can be done by emailing [email protected] or by utilizing other contact methods found on this website. 

      We will process this request as quickly as we can and remove your information. Once removed, we will no longer share any of this information with third parties or use the info in any way. Information that has already been given to third parties will still remain in their possession. You can contact them directly to have your data erased from their records. 

      iii. Credit Implications of the Use of PII 

      All data shared to our third-party service providers can be used to validate your identity and compare your information against national databases. This includes, but is not limited to, SSN, driver’s license #, and date of birth. In addition, these third-party lenders may be required to perform a credit check using your PII to obtain credit reports from multiple organizations. This is done to ascertain your lending credibility and assess any lending risks that may be associated with your credit history. These requests for your credit may lower your credit score. If you use this website or the provided products and services of this website (e.g. submitting information through our online form), you are providing your consent to the sharing and verification of your information and the permission to run these credit checks. 

      iv. Email and Telemarketing

      Users who agree to the provisions in this Privacy Policy are formally confirming that this website, third-party service providers, and associated marketers with whom we share PII (based on the provisions within this policy) are permitted to use this information for marketing purposes such as telemarketing, email marketing, and other forms of advertising. 

      Additionally, this information can be utilized to maintain indirect or direct communication, which can include phone calls, service offers via telephone, and other phone offers using the telephone number you provide to the website through the online form. Your submission of the form permits us, the lenders, and marketers to utilize your phone number even if it is found to be listed on any do-not-contact registry or suppression lists. Your submission of the online form is formally considered a request and attempt to finalize a purchase or receive a service. This request will be handled in accordance with all provisions of the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR §310 et seq. (ATSR). In accordance with the ATSR, even phone numbers on the do-not-call registry are available for contact once that contact information has been provided to our company by the user. The same considerations and regulations apply to our third-party lenders and marketers, which gives them the right to contact you using this number as well. 

      Those who provide their consent by utilizing this website and its services are confirming that they are of legal age (18) and authorized to use the site according to the standards of these terms of use, and that they own and can operate a mobile device. The user’s consent continues to confirm their understanding of any liabilities and charges that may be associated with messages and contact received by telemarketers. Your phone service provider may or may not collect your data. If so, their behavior and regulations regarding your data is in no way associated with this site. 

      v. Means of Collecting Non-Personally Identifiable Information

      Users who choose to use this website or the websites of our third-party lenders and marketers may be susceptible to the website’s cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, web server logs, and other analysis tools. These range from files to code fragments that can monitor activity and report back on user experience to help improve the website. This information, including browsing history, online behavior, click history, IP address, geo position, and more, are referred to as non-personally identifiable information (NPII) and can help customize your user experience. 


      Cookies refer to small pieces of data issued by a website server to the website’s users as they visit and conduct business on a website (clicking, navigating, linking, etc.). These files are installed on the user’s computer and they collect information regarding the user’s behavior while online, including their browsing information, experience, and more. This is then sent to authorized third parties. These cookies are meant to enable the user’s accessibility by helping their computer remember browsing and keylogging data for future reference. These files also help prevent fraudulent activity thanks to their recognition of broken behavioral patterns. 

      Cookie files can be of different sizes and may stay on your computer for varying amounts of time. Temporary cookies (session cookies) are collected during a one-time operation on a site and are cleared from your computer quickly after the user closes the browser or webpage. Permanent cookies (persistent cookies) are stored on your computer until you manually delete them, or a pre-scheduled cookie clearing takes care of them. You can adjust the options pertaining to this in your browser’s settings. For more information on this, check out the following links: and

      Pixel tags and web beacons

      Pixel tags and web beacons are used on our web pages and emails as a way of monitoring user activity. They are ways for us to record user activity during sessions which we can use to improve and alter future marketing efforts and promotional activity. For more information about these beacons, follow this link:

      “Log Files” refer to files that are collected that harbor information like a user’s IP address, internet service providers, browser type, platform, click history, date and time, entering and exiting of pages, etc. We use this information to make improvements to user experience. 

      II. Privacy Management

      To properly and effectively maintain and manage your privacy, we have curated specific practices on how we utilize your data. Though your information is vital to the functionality of our website and services, we do have an option for users to limit the amount of data shared and/or request the removal of all data from our records. 

      Those who do not want their NPII information gathered, shared, stored, or utilized in any way should immediately exit this website. Do note, it is still possible that cookies and other tracing elements have already been automatically gathered and stored. To remedy this, you can manually erase these files from your browser settings and also ask your browser to notify you before collecting or accepting cookies.

      No “do-not-track” protocol has been set for this website, therefore data management is governed by the provisions discussed in this privacy policy and any other related documents found on our website. Those who want to opt out of sharing their PII or NPII with third parties can go to and adjust their sharing settings.  

      Additionally, users can prevent further tracking by third parties by opting out or unsubscribing from their email lists by following the unsubscribe link in emails from them. 

      III. PII Security

      Though we do collect your PII, it is gathered, shared, stored, and used within the parameters and under stern compliance of privacy protection rules and practices. We protect your PII along with any other activity performed while using this website from any attempts at fraudulent or malicious activity. We utilize physical, electronic, and high-level security structures to maintain overarching protection for this site’s users and assets. This aims to avoid any misuse, deterioration, or deformation of the data on this site.

      We strictly limit all access to your PII and NPII as set out in your personal preferences, your consent to the Privacy Policy, and local and federal regulations and laws. Your PII can be accessed by this company only when the user is authorized. We never share this information publicly. Our employees are bound by the same protection regulations as previously mentioned and their non-compliance is punishable by strict disciplinary retaliation.   

      Still, there is no way to completely guarantee that any user will be fully and totally protected at all times while using the internet or this website. The owner of this site does not and cannot take any responsibility for security breaches, illegal activity, stolen information, or any other negative experience beyond the control of the owner. To protect yourself from negative activity, you can make the choice to request the removal of your data from any and all databases that you feel are not properly secured. Remember, third-party marketers who have access to your PII are also responsible for protecting your data as is reasonably feasible. 

      The company works hard to furnish proof of validity on the assiduity of our contracted third-party partners through a multitude of methods and governing documents. We also monitor and assess these parties’ data security policies and provisions. In the event that a violation of our standards occurs, all applicable legal standards and regulations are applied to handle the situation and lower the chance of any possible negative repercussions. 

      IV. Information Collection from Children

      It is explicitly forbidden to collect information from individuals under the age of 18 years. This website provides filters to identify information provided by any user under this legal age. If the filters determine an underage user has issued information, it is immediately removed from our website without the need for a user request. We do not, under any circumstances, voluntarily collect, harbor, distribute, or utilize any Personal Identifiable Information from minors, which keeps us in compliance with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) – an act that helps guide the building of this privacy policy.  

      V. E-consent 

      The federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act dictates that users who provide their consent and electronically sign documents are formally agreeing to receive disclosures, documents, and other notifications electronically. They also agree to provide information, allow the sharing of information, and conduct business through electronic means. The submission of data through this website also constitutes an agreement to allow the submitted information to be shared with third-party vendors, lenders, and marketers with whom we contract. All communications that take place after this consent should be considered to have the same validity and effect of “in writing” documentation. You may print copies for your records. 

      Both the company and third-party marketers maintain the right to alter or dissolve provisions of electronic documentation, notices, or any other digital communications. If this action is taken, users who are affected may be given prior notice of these terminations as required by the provisions listed in the terms and policies, as well as relevant laws and regulations. To improve the flow of facilitation and lower expenses, it is not necessary to maintain hard copies of these electronic documents. All electronic records, documents, and disclosures will be destroyed based on a set schedule and routine practices crafted around regulatory requirements. All previously mentioned electronic documents are to be recognized as valid evidence of the agreements, obligations, and rights of the bound parties. The times covered under this validity may differ. 

      VI. Links to Third-Party Websites provides links to third-party web pages and, potentially, third-party marketers. This site operates as a matching service to bring users together with third-party providers through these links. Any information provided to these third-party sites by the user is regulated under the third-party sites’ specific privacy policies and terms. This website has no control over the handling of information once it is provided to these third parties. It is recommended that the user reads through all terms, policies, and legal documents on the third-party provider’s website. 

      VII. Notifications for Residents of Different States rigorously adheres to the codes and regulations of state and federal government. Regulations regarding the method in which PII is used varies based on the user’s state of residence. Some regulations require that the collecting party (this website) must disclose all information regarding how and within which time periods this information is to be distributed and to whom. It may also be compulsory to disclose the types of PII that will be shared as well as the method in which it will be used by third parties. If you are a resident of one such state, it is recommended that you utilize our contact information to request this information in detail. If you request this information but reside in a state that does not enforce this regulation, we reserve the right to deny your request.  

      VIII. Modifications and Changes

      The owner of this site retains the right to make changes to these privacy policies as they see fit. No prior notice is required. When changes are made and go into effect, the new details will be added to the website and the effective date of this document will be updated to reflect the changes to this privacy policy. Collected information will be handled under the regulations set in the privacy policy in place at the time the information is collected. Users who do not agree to these policies have the right to discontinue use of this service. It is prudent to check back on these policies each time the website is used to ensure the user is aware of the most current policies. 

      IX. Inquiries and Complaints

      Those who use this website retain the right to alter, revise, or remove their personally identifiable information collected through the site. If these changes become necessary, the user can contact us via email at [email protected] or through other means of contact as listed on this website. Additionally, if a user of this site would like to file a complaint regarding a method through which this website operates and/or any of the service offerings herewithin, the user may contact us through the aforementioned methods. All requests and/or complaints will be reviewed in the timeliest manner possible and followed up with a response.